About Us

Indigenous Defence Equipment Exporters Association: “IDEEA”

Indigenous Defence Equipment Exporters Association (IDEEA) is a Non-Profit making Organisation incorporated under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. The organisation is based out of Delhi and primarily focussed on to promote India’s defence exports and to provide a platform to Indian Defence Exporters to optimise / fully realise their potential in global market / environment with a special focus on the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) exporters. The organisation shall also serve as a common place for all India’s defence exporters to exhibit their capabilities under one Indian pavilion, thus providing greater visibility for private Indian Defence Industry which has a great potential of exports to global customers and also to provide advice on the issues and challenges with respect to the defence industry ecosystem.

The organisation also focuses on to promote and encourage indigenous industry in the worldwide forum to optimise its potential by exporting across frontiers and also to provide global market development assistance to indigenous industry. Also providing an interface with various agencies to showcase indigenous enterprise / in carving a niche and in order to make India one of the top three world’s largest exporters of defence equipment and thereby also acting as a policy platform to promote indigenization of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship in defence production and technology.

Mission : a forum for hand holding of MSME exporter/…to provide an interface between various agencies and MSME to showcase indigenous enterprise/  in carving a niche…. etc.

Encourage/Represent indigenous industry  in the worldwide fora to optimise it’s potential.

Exporting across frontiers

Industry sans frontiers

Vision: Take India to one of the top three defence equipment exporters.

Represent indigenous defence industry at national and international forum to help them realise their potential

To Showcase our defence capabilities and strength to attract overseas customers by quality products matching the global standards/ aspirations

To provide global market development assistance to indigenous industry.

Since the formation of IDEA articulated in the form of a non-profit company under section 8 of the companies act …..it will have the constitution documents in the form of MOA and AOA.

Though it is a non-profit company. Under the act it will still be either a public company or a private company…here it is a private company we’re incorporating….for the purposes of the companies act it will be treated as a private company. It is the license given under the act to carry out non-profit company objectives and additionally it enjoy certain privileges. That’s it.

Again. For the organisation structure. This is something which is internal and companies can have it accordingly.